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Pistons! Pistons! Pistons!

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I have three sets of pistons with rods that I've collected over the years and its time to let them go on to better homes! First set is a slightly used set of Mahle flat tops - about 16k miles - size 89.46 - asking price 150.00 shipped in cont. U.S.

Second set - SK 9.5-1 bought these off another member about six months ago...turns out they were the wrong size! Don't make the same mistake I did - 89.22 bore - one has FOD but ring lands are A-OK perfect for budget NA build - 100.00 shipped

Third set - well used mahle low pianos - 88.97 bore - one has FOD (see pictures) - again these are good for a budget build - 80.00 shipped.

Located in San Antonio, Texas

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