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Window Issue.


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Hello gang! First time poster, but I have been viewing posts for months now. The info you guys give out is amazing. I hope after much time working on my newly acquired 1974 2002tii (original injection still on) that i will be able to help others like you guys.

OK, enough of the sucking up LOL.


Driver window mechanism finally went to crap. Got it all apart (with the help of the two 3" thick repair manuals that were in the trunk when I bought it, thatt was a huge selling point)  and my lift rail is rusted so bad it just bends as the window is trying to be rolled up and down.


I have looked and maybe overlooked a source to get a new lift rail, I may buy driver and passenger provided my wallet will allow.


Any help on a source would be greatly appreciated.


I appreciate ya in advance!!!




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