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Used Bosch Distributor And Plug Wires

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I have a used vacuum advance distributor and a set of Bosch plug wires. I bought the dizzy to get my 2002 started (was sitting for a couple years before i bought it and had no distributor) and it worked great, but I don't think the advance works. Once I got everything cleaned up I ended up getting an IE mech adv dist. And this has been sitting in my garage since then(2 years) 50$ shipped

I also have a brandish new set of Bosch 7mm plug wires, again to get my car started but once I got everything figured out I bought the 8mm wires. I maybe ran 20 miles on these wires but they're just a little dirty from sitting in my garage for the last 2 years. 25$ shipped

Lastly 4 exhaust studs brand new, free

I can package together or separate, no big deal

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