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Wiring Diagram Confusion


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So, in looking at the wiring diagrams, I get a little confused.  Searching netted me nothing :(


I have a 1973 2002tii( 02/20/1973 mfg date).  I tried using the diagrams which have the round tail lights (seemed right to me at the time), but some things didn't seem right.  Looking at some of the square tail diagrams, they seemed a little closer to what I have.


A couple things I noticed:


the heater fan has the ground on the switch, not off the motor


and there are two wires (both black, one tach, the other going to the coil) to the distributor.  I only found that on the square tail diagrams.


Am I wrong assuming that I should be looking at the round tail light wiring diagrams?  The car was reported to have been delivered to Canada.  Could this make a difference?


Thanks in advance for any insight.

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it really depends on which diagrams you are looking and comparing against. since these cars are so old and possibly had very 'creative' po's, your wires may never match.


the bently book has several diagrams in the back and you can also find more 'colorful' modern diagrams that are easy to read on ebay like this (http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2002-tii-1972-1973-COLOR-Wiring-Diagram-11x17-/320343024145?pt=Motors_Manuals_Literature&hash=item4a95eea211&vxp=mtr). the ebay diagrams have their own 'issues' but they are easier to follow and are easier to solve. ahahah.


given that your car was possibly for a different market or was a transition year, it may have various options, but i dont think it would have distinct wiring points - again, not sure which diagrams you are looking at.


good luck,

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