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S14 160K Miles $5500 Nm/na

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I am selling this package for a client as we (425 Motorsports) are building him a very cool E30 M3 project with a new E46 M3/S54 Engine and 6-speed trans along with full body restoration, etc...

This is a very good running and 100% complete 1991(07/90 build date) BMW E30 M3 (S14) Engine, Transmission, Engine Harness, ECU, Header, Exhaust, Intake, Drive Line, etc... (what you see is what you get). This package has roughly 160K miles on it and we have the gauge cluster to prove that if you are concerned. It ran and drove as a reliable daily driver when we pulled it out of the car last week. The clutch is good and the transmission shifts smoothly, etc... no smoke or any indications of issues at all.

This price is for everything and these motors are getting harder and harder to get your hands on. So if you are interested, please call me to arrange a time to take a look at it. Yes, you are welcome to bring tools and inspect it but you need to plan on putting it back the way you found it if you don't buy it.

I can ship anywhere in the USA and it can ship same-day. Shipping cost is additional and we are a business. So, in-state tax will apply.

Call me if interested.

Thank you!

Dan 206-819-2500

Link to listing: http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pts/3988586036.html

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