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Removing The Timing Chain Tensioner Pivot Point. How?


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Hey guys,

I am assembling my new 2L for my `70, and have hit a snag.  The new block doesn`t have the pivot point for the timing chain tensioner to fit on.  I have one in my 1600 block but I can`t get it out.  It seems to be a press fit into the block.  Does anyone know any tricks to get it out without damaging it?  Here`s a picture so you guys know what I`m talking about, I`m not sure if I have the right name for it.




It`s the stud itself I need to remove from one engine and put on another.  Thanks for any assistance.


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It might be called a bolt but it is not threaded, at least the one I took out of my old block. The hole goes all the way through, so you would need a press that could press it out from the back (inside the block). Mine was a junk block and i was just curious, so I got it out using vice grips and PB blaster and twisting, but it did not look pretty after getting it out. Could have been cleaned up and pressed back in though.


Save yourself the trouble and order a new one. Thanks for the P/N CD (11111744363), the BMW dealer calls it a guide pin.

$2.19 @ Husker BMW (www.bmwmercedesparts.com)

$2.85 @ BMW of South Atlanta


Fred '74tii & '69

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