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Adhesive For Heater Core Foam


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I bought a sheet of closed cell foam that was not adhesive.  It seems like it will work perfectly but almost feels greasy.   I think it is just the material but I tried an aggressive tape used for vinyl banners and it won't even stick.


What kind of adhesive would you use.  I am going to clean for foam with alcohol to make sure it has nothing on it.  It is not perfectly smooth but has a waffled texture.


I have a laminated mouse pad that I could use too but the foam sheet seems more durable.


One of my previous posts there were comments on contact cement not working.  That was my original plan to use Dap Contact Cement




I also read about barge cement




I really don't want to remove this heater box after I install it.







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I suggest 3M "Super Trim Adhesive" product no. 08090. Available at many auto parts stores. You can also use 3M product no. 08088 if the 08090 is not available, since there is little stress on the heater core foam (e.g.,  not like a headliner, door panel or the like)

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Same as mike above said I make a rope out 3M strip caulk usually available at an auto body supply shop. It is super sticky and you can make a rope of it by rolling a few pieces of it together between your palms. Try to keep the thickness consistent. Run this piece of rope around the face of your heater box and then press the box up onto the two studs under the dash and tighten down on it with the two nuts and washers gradually until you hit bottom on each side. Much better then that original foam. Remember to put the brown ground wire back on the drivers side. Try to position the caulk so that it is near the edge of the opening through the sheet metal. You want it to squeeze out where you can see it from the engine compartment side. The idea is to not leave a crevice that can hold water.

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 Remember to put the brown ground wire back on the drivers side.


Where is that ground wire?  I just did mine and it did not have one...  I used strip chalk for the outer seal.   I used self adhesive for the inner but I fear heat will make it come off.... 


The left side stud securing the heater box to the body is a common ground point.


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