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Horn Mounting....


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Hello all,


I'm slowly trying to get a 2002 back on the road.  The PO had started to strip the car in plans to restore it and than lost interest...hence I stepped in.   This weeks project is to put in the horns.  But since they were missing I'm having a problem figuring out where they mount.  The one on the drivers side seems obvious but I'm not sure about the passage side.  I haven't found a good pic.  Can someone post a pic of how their horns are mounted?



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A not so good shot of the driver's side




both sides



You can see the mounting tabs on a 72




Please don't take this the wrong way, and I am not generally a man of excess, but when I see your car, I have an urge to lick it! It is cleaner, shinier, and more appetizing than any creamsicle! Don't let me near it!

And, yes, it's beautiful.



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I can't remember what year, but earlier roundie cars (maybe before Model-71) did only have the left side horn bracket. The one in front of the battery. When I mount two horns on these earlier '02s I mount both on the one bracket. Be sure that the open mouth of the horn points downward so that it doesn't collect water.

Please always refer to left and right side of the car as viewed from the driver seat. Thus, the intake is on the left side and exhaust on the right, even if the picture is from the front of the car. The left headlight is the (left hand drive) drivers side, always. This is how professionals view cars, and it makes things easier if there's a simple rule like this.

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