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Steering Column


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so i am fixing up my first 02 and i have a simple question. on my steering column i have a turn signal switch and wiper switch on the left side and nothing on the right even though there is a space for something. Does anything go there on the right. I have a 1972 and in reading the archieves it said that the factory put the turn on the right in the 1972 car. is that correct? 


Thanks in advance



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Sounds like you're missing your high/low beamheadlight/high beam flasher stalk.  On a '72 that should be on the left; the turn signal and wiper switch should be on the right. 


If you want to convert it back to the original configureation, you'll need a high/low beam stalk, and a factory wiring diagram to figure out what the PO has boogered up.  Hopefully not too much.


good luck


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