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Sunroof Cable Lube


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When I pulled the aluminum trim panels off my sunroof cars to polish 'em, the cables appear to have been lubed with what looks like white grease from the factory.  I seem to recall someone on the board mentioning some factory lube (probably a Wurth product) that was specifically for sunroof cables.  But I'll bet it's white grease.  Just don't go overboard on the grease.  " A little dab'll do ya."




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I believe BMW recommends a Wurth brand product for lubricating (even the newer) sunroof cassette mechanism.  Cannot think of it but recall reading it in one of Mike Miller's columns.


As Mike Self says - a little will do.   The cables I have removed from several cars have all been dry (fuzzy portions still fuzzy).


I would share a picture but Photobucket is being a royal PITA (and I pay for their Pro account)  :angry:

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