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Battery Negative Dancing Around (Starter Install)


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Im installing a new starter. On the back of the starter, there is a plate that attaches to the engine block. There is a wire that connects to the negative terminal of the battery that leads to the bolt that attaches the starter plate to the engine.



2013 08 07 19.22.07

Ive got the bolt as far in as i can get it, but there is some room left and the wire has room to dance around. this doesnt seem right. any ideas?


thanks guys!

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That is an engine block ground and you are right, it should not be loose. If the bolt is properly threaded into the hole then it is just a bit too long and bottoming out before it tighens up. Either use a shorter bolt or add a washer or two so that it tightens up.


Problem solved and ....... Bob's your Uncle (I always wanted to say that!)


Fred '74tii & '69DCOE

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