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Best Way To Remove Trim


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Depends on whether you intend on reusing it again. The gutter trim is tricky to remove without mangling it.

The waist line trim has small nuts securing the ends of sections and the corners. The trim is held by intermediate clips which should just pop off if gently levered. Watch your paint work if you care about it. You may be able to remove the clips by pushing the middle pin back out. Be prepared to break a few.

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On the beltline alum trim, after removing the end nuts (try not to lose the tiny washer that goes under the nut) I take a popcicle stick that I've  ground down somewhat and slide it under each intermediate clip (as I go) and gently pry up. 


On the rain gutter trim I don't remember how I got them off in good shape, and was therefore able to re-use them, but it can be done.  Try using the Search function (in the upper right corner of this page).  I think this has been gone over a number of times. 


Good luck,


Bob Napier


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Rain gutter trim...start at the back and carefully pry the trim loose.  Grab the bottom edge under the gutter (strong fingernails help) and work the end loose by inverting your hands (palm up), catching the lower edge of the trim with your fingernails and rotate upward until the trim pops loose from the steel roof gutter.  The gradually and carefully continue forward a little at a time.  Once you get it started, removal will be much easier--just be careful as the gutter begins to curve around the A pillar, and open the hood so the front end won't snag on the hood.


Post when you're ready to reinstall, and I'll tell you how it worked for me.




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