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How Much Front Camber Can I Run On Stock Diameter Springs?


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I have Bilstein sports and Bav Auto's lowering springs on my car and I was wondering if anyone knew how much front camber I would be able to run if I installed adjustable camber plates. I am under the impression that the springs will hit the body after about -0.5 degrees camber, and that coilovers and recommended (because of their smaller diameter) if running any more than that. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks guys. 

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We had about 1.5 deg on our LeMons 2002 with stock dia springs. I've always thought thought that was about max... We had quite a bit of caster too, maybe that helped the clearance.

For max with stock springs you can bend the struts some. I've seen struts bent to 1.25... With that and adjustable plates one could get quite a bit of camber. But, bending the struts decreases the tire clearance.

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I am pretty sure that the struts are bent at the base. I also have 1/8" spacers for my 15 x 6 et29 Panasports.

ok, i thought so...there was an unrevealed trick . ;)   not what op was really asking...


Tom's answer is the right one. 1.5 is probably pushing it without doing something other than camber plates.


with unbent struts and 2.5in springs on GC camber plates i got almost to 3deg. 


the Massive offset strut spacers may add about the same as E3 arms.  it was 0.6deg on my car for a total of over 3.5deg without cutting any metal. and yes, fender pulling required to accomodate the increased track. 

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The E3 lower arms add about 2ish, if you run the lower radius arms.  It's a pretty good fix if you have some fender



If you DON'T run the E3 radius arms, you gain a bit of caster, and maybe 1.5 degrees.  But then diameter starts

to figure, as you get quite a bit of movement toward the front of the car.  With 22.5" tires, I had to cut away a good part

of the front valence.


In the pic below, I have E3 arms, 2002 radius rods, and camber plates set in a bit- but not all the way.





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