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Pvgp Countryside Tour....my 02 Pictured


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Pictures taken during Race Week events, for this year's Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix are now posted on the PVGP website (www.pvgp.org).

This year, I drove my 2002A on the Tour, which is sponsored by The Coventry Inn, with yours truly as the Tourmiester.  My 02 is found in a few of the slide show shots, which can also be accessed at: http://studio721.smugmug.com/Other-1/Countryside-Tour , then clicking on "slideshow" near top right.


I was hoping Matt Little (our PVGP photographer) would be able to get into position to shoot us on some of the particularly twisting, plunging bits of tree-shaded, mountain back-roads, but he under-estimated the 02's appetite for that type of road........... :)   A few of the pictures were taken while my group (my 02, the Aston-Martin and the Porsche 356B Roadster) were picking our way around slower Tour participants.


I will be doing the Tour, again, next year and I'm hoping to be able to welcome some vintage BMWs (ultimately, tour registration may be limited to '80 or earlier cars, but we're not there, yet).  Of course, registration will, once again, be limited to the first 30 cars and we'll probably be fully subscribed by the end of February, again, next year.


If the 2002 isn't the perfect car for this type of event (small, nimble, strong brakes and more than adequate power), I don't know what is!  And, yes, I will be picking the roads on next year's tour with small, nimble, quick cars in mind. ;)

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