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Couple Of Quick Questions...


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In the first pic, I was wondering if these are the numbers to determine if my cars is numbers matching. The Haynes manual says the engine numbers are on the crankcase, just above the starter motor. But these are the only numbers I can find.

In the second pic, I was wondering if this hole should be there. Or specifically, if there should be some bolt or something. There's nothing attached to it, I just think it seems weird...

Thanks for the help!




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The engine serial number is stamped on that flat pad where the starter is attached.  Look at the 2nd picture where you are pointing at the hole in the bell housing, the rusty surface on the block is where the SN is stamped.  The hole in the bell housing is for ignition timing.  There are marks on the flywheel that show up in that hole. There is a OT mark (that is TDC) and a steel ball (size of a BB) imbedded in the flywheel, that is 25 deg BTDC  The number on the intake manifold is just a casting number.

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