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How Did You Spend Your Saturday?

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new rear brake pads, tire rotation, oil change, wash and wax on the e30

wash on the E36 M3

"Un-trackified" the 02.  installed street brake pads on all four corners, raised ride height, washed track brake dust off 8 wheels, mounted street tires, swapped to the street rear muffler, took halo side pieces off seat, dry washed and quick waxed.


not as much fun as ooggling all those cool cars!

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Painted the the rocker panels on Erik, my E30 3318is.  The original black paint had mostly worn away and was more red than black.  A definite improvement for an hour's work.  Now to tackle the misbehaving driver's central locking feature, and install that premium speaker set that I accumulated. 


Ludwig is running fine and quite happy in his summer daily driver role.  He's gonna need new tires, though.  Still trying to decide on the best 185/70x13 available in an increasingly small selection.



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Peachtree chapter of BMWCCA had an outing to a winery in N. Georgia. Drove the '02 up on some fun and twisty roads and had some seriously good wine. Owner of the vineyard had one garage with 4 old Porsches, and another with 2 Mercedes, a Porsche, and a BMW Z8! My car is the Chamonix in the upper center in the midst of all that newer metal.




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Spent time finding out if there was oil pressure on my tii restoration project.  Removed the oil pressure sending unit and used my Mityvac to pump oil into the hole to prime the oil pump.  Popped in the corresponding fuse and unplugged the fuel pump. Turned it over with no plugs and yes we have oil pressure!  Then off to the beach!


Also talked car stuff with a friend who just ordered an 818 kit car.  Very cool.  https://www.factoryfive.com/kits/project-818/

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