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So I suspect that extra thickness makes up for the holes


Oddly, it doesn't.  The non- round shape probably is better than round, but the standard H- beam (or variations on that theme)

is still the way to go.  Almost all the stress is concentrated in the outer edges, so concentrating material there makes the most sense.

There are some tricks that can be done with CNC- but they 'usually' don't  outweigh the grain advantages of forging...


I gots my armchair and my internets, I must be an engineer!





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Pic #3 the holes don't go through the rods..  Pics 1 and 2 they do.   


Pic 1's pistons look like JE's that someone then machined the exceses material out of the pin support.  JE's are more of a billet piston than a forged.  They'll find that out when they spin it up. 

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