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Front 1/4 Window Frame Corrosion


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At this stage of 2002's age, I think more front quarter window frames are clouded than not.  Unfortunately there's not much that can be done to restore the clouded anodized finish.  You can wet sand the clouded anodized finish off, then buff the now raw aluminum, but you'll have to either constantly polish it or clearcoat it to prevent corrosion.  You could also have it re-anodized, but that's an expensive proposition. 


Or...just learn to live with it and call it "original patina."  That's what I do.




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I enden up experimenting on the quater-pannel waist moulding. I had put new mouling on the bonnet and doors about 8 years ago when the car was last painted. (It lived outside not so sunny Ireland for that time and got could in arealy bad winter that accelerated the corrosion in door skins, boot floor and a coupe of places)  After a few trials with old bent mouldings, I ended up with a me method. Belive it or not dry sand with 240 grit to remove all the anodisation. Then progressivly moved up to 600,800,1200 and 2000 dry and then 2000 wet. Polished with Alusol. Cleaned off with standard thinners and finally laqured with rustin's metal laquer. (Brush on laquer, I tried and airosol and it was rubbish so had to clean off and use the rustins, which is great stuff. Ive used that laqer before on the wiper arms about a decade ago and its still good so Im happy to use it, very quick dryinsg and super thin flat finnish.


It took me about 2.5 hours to sand and polish and Im well and truly knackered afterwards but the results are very good, not quite as shiny as factory but very close.


Im not use if im brave enough to do the front quarter windows though, so as you said Mike I might have to live with the Patina!

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