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*** Sweet Cylinder Heads ***

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Hello '02 Everyone!

Here are two 2002 E12 Heads

Casting Dates are from '73 & '74 Respectively . . . Real Clean Heads = TOOK THE TIME TO CLEAN UP THESE UNITS WITH GREAT RESULTS !!


We Made HUGE Progress Last Week "Parting-Out" The Last Of The '75 Rusty Banana Plus Tearing Down the '74 Verona 2002 Motor.

So these castings are from the manufacture dates of these two Cars.

Unbolted, broke down and Painstakingly Cleaned EVERYTHING which makes a nice difference : )


Another Vital item for your ’02 Parts Needs.


Both Motors Were Running, Heads Sealed, No Problems


More Than 8 Hours Of Cleaning out of the way . . . . . Makes for a Great Place to Start!


You are Welcome to Contact me directly, Call OR Text: 303 - 999 - 1190

Shipping is via USPS with Insurance and cost $19 to anywhere here in the USA.

As always, thanks for Looking!


Feel Free to Call OR Text Bryce: 303 -- 999 -- 1190

Always the Fastest Method!

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Esty it doesn't always work that way I said I'd buy a long console advertised last week, replied within a few hours of the post going up, asked how & where to pay left my phone number , nothing , then I PM'd him & got a "Sold " reply this week.It is still listed for sale on here though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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no sir...i'd expect & hope to get a response here, where is listed the parts...


I understand that since he posted the parts on the forum you expect an answer here, but I would give him a text or a call (since he said that's the fastest way to reach him), I have not bought anything from Bryce but I did have a 45 minutes chat with him few months ago when I was looking for parts, He's a really nice guy and I would imagine with all the cars he parts out he's pretty swamped to reply promptly on the forum just my $.02

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Hi Everyone,  I am a 55 year old divorced father of the most awesome boy in the world!!!   I get to see him 8 days a month . . . . which really sucks.


A 1976 high school graduate – the last year that BMW made the 2002.  My dad had a ’73, 3.0 Liter Bavaria which was my car for special occasions and dates, proms, etc.  That car flew!




'73 Fjord Blue Bav :)


Okay, Let me first apologize for any confusion that I have caused with my Listings – this was Never the intent.


I respect and sincerely appreciate EVERYONE on the FAQ  . . . . Like all members, simply in love with this Little 2-Door car : )


Just so that you know, I literally spend ENTIRE days sitting in the chair answering Pings on the FAQ, Emails, Text Messages, and phone calls.  95% of all people who ping on the FAQ are looking for a great deal  =  I get that completely.  Restoring two 2002’s myself right now.


ABSOLUTELY TRUTH here . . . . Entire Days, often Literally 12-14-16 Hour Days straight sitting in the chair Typing / Texting / Talking.


My little helper wants to be “part-of-the-picture” but currently has the attention-span of a Hiccup!




My favorite Little Helper


I have Listed $Prices on many of my Posts, only to find that I am constantly spending an extra 2 hours a day answering extra “Lookie Lou” Questions.


Anyone who has contacted me directly on the forum knows that my answers are very thorough with prices.  When someone says: “wow dude, I will take the $200 steering wheel for Free!”  I simply take this a joke or kidding (I understand that I have caused the confusion here).


Currently I have three cars in my 2-car garage being parted out with at least a full 2002 of Parts in boxes on storage shelves –  then, another two 2002’s in storage here in Denver and three more 2002’s in California, two of which are Parts cars.





Incredible Mess of a 2-Car Garage


With more than 1,100+ Parts and multiple duplicates I often have 2-3+ of the exact same part.  Price always depends upon Quality and the Volume of each particular Sale.  Anyone is welcome to contact me directly and I will always give you a direct answer.  Text is fine, but I can Talk much faster than I can Type.


There are more than 265+ people who have purchased over 1,000+ BMW ’02 Parts from me from more than 14 countries worldwide.


BTW, if anyone can sell me some Time, I will give you all of my money.



A REAL person . . . . Not a Scammer.





Price depends upon Quality        Shipping depends upon size of package        Discounts depend upon volume 

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this is a bait & switch...probably the case with his other free and $1.00 priced items as well...he answered my PM stating that the actual price of the heads is not $1.00 but $375.00 each


i don't consider myself really stupid nor do i think i'm especially gullible but if the price that the seller actually, consciously enters in the ad states $1 then he tries to hold you up for over 300% more, there's a problem to be aware of of the seller


this seller now seems to have time to spam the for sale forum with a ton of worthless ads but still says he doesn't have the time to state the real price of his parts...



sorry for the rant

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Please, Dear God! Post prices for the product you are selling. It's not that hard.


Imagine walking into the grocery store and having to "make an offer" on a gallon of milk; asking what a beer costs at your local pub only to be told to "make me an offer". I honestly don't understand why someone wouldn't want to make it as easy as possible on a potential customer by at the very least posting a price!


Divorced, married, father of one or 20, if you have to answer to "Lookie Lous'" for 2 hours or 12: If you're in the business of selling - post your price!


Price does depend upon quality and patronage depends upon service.

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Also FWIW, core E12 heads arent worth more than 100 complete in my opinion because many of the parts get replaced in em anyways. Plus when you send them into the machine shop they will be cleaned thoroughly so cleaning them yourself is usually not worth it (learned that once...) Just tossing in my .02 here. Also please post prices. That's why we have the price required part on the FAQ. GLWS!

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