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2 Black Scheelman Seats Cloth. 8.5/10 Condition

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Id be willing to go as high as $10 sight unseen...


Lets be real though, if you want a bidding war put them on ebay. At the minimum put a high price on the seats, then ask for the best offer, and it will naturally balance out.

+1 .  I think you would do well to research them, decide on a price and include that along with, pics, location, shipping etc.  That is if, you want to sell them

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Yeah man. Your first post just fell on it's face. While you'll get hashed a bit for the lame execution, it's in the interest of growing the quality of your posts. It's a "do unto others.." sensibility that applies here. Think about what you would want to to hear and see regarding something that you might want. It's easy.

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