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Tii Master Cylinder Upgrade

Mr Sizzle

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Hi everyone, well my brakes were completely gone! took it to a brake place, and both the brake boosters on my 1969 were completely full of fluid! so i had them rebuilt!

1200 dollars later :( my brakes are FIRM like a race car! but the master cylinder is leaking into the interior carpet the last bit i need to fix!

i ordered a Ti brake master cylinder from ireland engineering as an upgrade and have recieved it today

probem is i want to install it and when i compare it to my standard master cylinder! this one has 1 too many holes in it!

the original master cylinder has only 4 holes, 2 for inlets 2 for outlets, the new Ti master cylinder has 5?!! what plugs into this 5th hole??

any help would be appreciated

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hmmm dam! i am pretty sure i know which one to block off its just a matter of whether i can and whether it will still fit and work! would be a shame to have wasted 160 dollars :(

thanks for everyones help so far will have to do some more investigating!

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I am guessing that if you have two brake boosters that you have a right hand drive car.

Pretty sure that ti's are lhd only so you have the wrong part.

Edit: actually not sure what you have. Title says tii.

 I have a RHD automatic 2002, and the part i bought was the Tii upgrade master cylinder


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Tim is right (I have just checked mine). The rhd master cylinder has the two pressure ports on top of the cylinder along with the low pressure ports from the reservoir.

The flange bolt holes are on a slant at approximately 45 degrees. It won't fit. Put it up for sale on this board and someone will take it (maybe not for what you paid).

Alternatively try contacting IE who might on an off chance take it back (though to be fair they don't have to - buyer beware)

If you want to upgrade a RHD you get a E12 master cyl.

Is that 'any' E12 or is it specific to RHD again?

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