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Behr Ac Control Knob Assembly 1976

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I need the AC blower control knob assembly for a Behr AC unit for my '76. The only number on the entire assembly is 200980. The Behr parts list says the part number is 74 906 00 909.

I have attached a picture of the disassembled part. I'm really hoping someone has one or knows where I can get one - it's small, so I can pay for shipping from pretty much anywhere. I just put a brand new compressor in, and the AC is GREAT, but now I'm in DC and can't turn it on!!



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Not a question but...

The tii register (Google it) has pdf versions of the Behr A/C parts and installation manuals, which show both Behr and BMW parts numbers -- not that you can actually buy those parts new! But many of us have found these manuals useful.

As to your switch, someone here will have a working used one (although the switches are sometimes sold as a set, along with the wiring).


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I  have a behr  system and if my switch stopped working I would try and retrofit a modern a.c. switch

The rotary fan blower switch shown there might work. Anyone have an idea how to connect it to the existing wiring?

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