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Va safety inspection questions. Hampton Roads

'74 dual webers, No emmisions, Stahl header, no front bumper, no rear belts, HD's over Eibachs lowered @ 1.5"


Am I going to have a problem?


Safety inspection regs say '73-newer needs emissions equipment but according to DMV it doesn't need to actually pass emissions


What do I really need to know out of all this











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so, muddling through the legal mumbo jumbo, if have antique tags, I can get pulled over for a standard violation of the safety inspection, have my registration card confiscated, my car impounded, a class 4 misdemeanor which would revoke my registration and ban me from registering the vehicle for 5 years.Unless I pay for a yearly inspection which would allow general use, but defeats the purpose of getting antique tags.

Is there something I'm missing here, or is there just a little risk in actually driving the car with antique tags unless I'm a clown in a parade, within 250 miles of my house.

Turkis is just a little noticeable, especially when I have my foot in it.





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