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Have I Been Scammed On Ebay?


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On May 28 I bought and paid for ($1238.50 paid via Paypal) a complete set of stainless chrome 2002 bumpers from this online seller :

kuhlauto 625iconPurpleStar_25x25.gif)


To date I have not seen the bumpers. His responses to my ebay messages are spotty at best. When he does bother to respond it's mostly excuses like the factory is on vacation or he "thinks" they may be shipped at some random date in the future. Well he has successfully strung me out over 45 days so it appears I have no recourse thru Ebay or Paypal. There are currently multiple listings from this guy on Ebay. Has anyone ever done business with him? Right now I am really pissed as I've missed multiple car shows with my newly restored 02. Any advice or inside knowledge would be helpful. Thanks. 

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This is the message that showed up 2 minutes ago from my ebay message to him yesterday:


Thank you for your email. I actually think I'm being the pest by not shipping this sooner. I'm still working with the manufacturer to get this shipment expedited. We are very close.

Thank you so much for your patience!




What should I do? There is no new factual information. Just more vague answers.

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Then he should list them as "delivery up to 90 days or longer as I have no control over the supplier shipment". I naively assumed he had them in stock and would have them inside a week. 

ebay favors the buyer, sellers they can get anywhere.  Open a dispute on this item.  If the seller can't pony up the goods, you will get your money back.

How do I open a dispute? I tried on both Ebay and Paypal and each said I
was past the 45 day deadline and that I should just "contact the seller".
Is there another method?

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Sounds like the parts are coming from overseas and he has no control....

I met Peter at this year's Bay Area Swap n' Show. He seemed like a honest guy, for what it's worth. He had a couple sets of bumpers with him, though they were already spoken for (they looked nice, if that's any consolation). He did mention that they're made in small runs, and they come from a contact of his in Germany or Italy, and at the time he expressed frustration that his supplier/manufacturer doesn't produce the goods on a frequent basis. So, that could explain your delay, though that obviously doesn't make it right. At this point, I'd pursue ebay/paypal to make it right, even though it's past the 45 day mark. If for no other reason that it will allow you to move on and bumper-ify your 02 some other way.

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I responded by saying that if I didn't have a hard delivery date by the end of this week I'd like my money back. I am somewhat encouraged to find out that he is in fact a person and not necessarily a internet scammer. But as I told him  I worked my ass off on my 02 all winter and spring. I converted a 76 to chrome bumpers. So I have a beautiful car with bumper brackets sticking out on both ends. It's just sad. 






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The guy seems legit.  Hes been a member since 1999 with 98% positive feedback.  It does sound like he thought he has the source and it fell through and he is trying to salvage the sale.


His problem is communication and just could have just told you the truth.


Would like to see those bumpers when you get them on.

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