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Smog - Before I Do Anything Stupid


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So I've posted my cluster**** of wiring.  I've taken the last few days trying to make heads or tails of the wiring and it looks like most of the spliced wiring runs into the blue sheathing which seems to be all part of the smog system.  Questions/Statements I need clarification on.


1.What does the speed sensor do and It looks like it should be removed based on desmog posts I've read.  This would free up at least three of the wires


2.  I have another sensor on the underside of my intake manifold (again in blue sheathing).  RealOEM says temperature switch.  It is also attached to this mess of wiring. Can I just disconnect? One more...


3.  There is one yellow wire to the distributor again that runs into this harness, but does not attach to anything.  I assume worthless or has some intent on hooking the tach to it. Another wire


4. I don't know what the double plug is coming off the positive end of the coil.  I'm going to trace it tomorrow, but again it runs through blue sheathing.  My only concern is if the wires were repurposed for some reason.


5.  Vaccum advance is hooked up to this valve actuator.  It has one yellow lead to it that hooks to some type of grounding bar above it, but the other connection is disconnected.  Can I just dump it and just hook the vacuum line right from the dizzy to the weber?


Can I just cut them one by one as the car runs and see if there is any ill effect?






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I have been looking at if for the last 4 hours in the garage.  It is totally confusing me.


Based on the wiring I know... speed sensor removal? intake manifold temp sensor removal? The yellow wire was added later. I think if I confirm these parts are not necessary, I could clean up alot of stuff.


I don't even know where to find these two connectors on the diagram.  One has nothing hooked to it, the other seems to be all of the above I spoke about.  Are they 5 pole connectors?  Are they even from an '02?


The one with the orange is marked "hot" in pen.


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I'm trying to follow this diagram.  Based on what I see, If I track wire 96 into the engine compartment, it should be my tach wire and the only solid black one.  It would make sense that I have a black wire hooked to nothing.  It's the relays and switches.  Unless you are familiar with what switch is what, reading this can make you want to drink...


You can see the stripped black wire in this pic on the bottom right...


I also have no washer pump, no fan, no hazards etc... Don't even know if I have a fan motor and switch.  I know I have no fan or defrost which on a rainy day is no fun.


Simplifying the previous mess would make the process easier.


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Yep, thats scary, on a stock car the block with all the wires mounts against the firewall were electric fuel pump resides now, I havent completely removed all my smog wiring off my 76 but have read here it all can go bye bye except the wire to the coil, lots of info here on desmogging, try searching and you will be amazed. As far as the electric fuel pump I believe there might be a spot in cds neighbors pool for it. Judging by the looks of things the previous owner was a very adventurous wiring expert, if that bowl of spaghetti disapears I dont think you will miss it, just trace down every wire as you disconnect them, you will know if it is something that needs juice. The speed sensor you mention connects to a box on speedo cable, no idea what it does but if desmogged you sure wont need it. nuf said yank it out when in doubt...........

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Holy cats, you're right, that USED to be the fuse block!


At that point, it's probably almost easier (and you'll be happier in the long run)

to find someone with a complete harness, and swap it.


Or rewire it yourself- but that's a collosal headache...



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