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02's And Coffee 24Aug


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calling all D/M/V 02 owners!   i am planning on having a "cars and coffee" type event at my place just south of old town alexandria, va from 9-12 saturday morning 24AUG.  wanna see how many 2002's i can fit on my front yard!  already have some commitments for some interesting versions of 2002's that are coming....bring yours...it will be your admission ticket!


pretty sure my espresso machine won't keep up with demand, so may need a couple of folks to pick up some coffee boxes, bagels or krispy kremes on the way in!


may have lift open if someone wants to bring their supplies and tools for an easy brake job or oil change.


please reply to this thread if you are interested in attending so we can get a head/car count!


list so far...we are getting quite the variety!


Me - M2

Jim - roundie tii

Phil - alpina

Grice - track beast

Marc - roundie 02

Clay - M42 1600 - cx'd

Matthew - roundie tii

Tim - 1600

Dudley - 2002 webasco

Daron - 2002 w/custom rear panel..

Daniel - 2002 bluish squarie

Fred - 02 race car

Justin - 2002 verona squarie

Reese - 2002 colorado roundie



mauricio - 2002 black squarie


02'ers without their 02's

Morgan - 02 under construction - cx'd

Pete - 02 still in storage

Noah - N2 still at RRT



Morgan - 02 under construction

Clay - M42 1600

Dudley - 2002 webasco




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If anyone is hesitant on showing up to this...don't.   I cannot wait to get another chance to see Phil's car and Noah's car in the same place.   No egos here - just fun car-loving folks.  Marshall's neighbors are nice too..


Grice - bring some throat lozenges so you can prepare to tell more funny stories.


Marc - I need to remember to bring the Green touch up paint pen from the 71 for you.


Phil - I have an antenna "duck" for your Alpina if you still need one.


Should this be renamed Cars & Mimosas or Cars & Coronas?


Phil on the left


Noah's N2


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