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1973 Roundie 5 Speed Lsd Project

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I just moved to Florida and sadly do not have the space to finish my 73 Roundie Project I have been Working on the Past 6 months. I don't even want to think about the amount of Labor I have invested in this project and it hurts to have to let it go.

The Body has been stripped bare and freshly epoxy primed and sits on homemade body carts. The majority of the rust has been taken care of. The passenger side has new rockers and lower quarter panels installed. The driver side has been removed and new panels are included but have not been added yet. The front clip had rust at the bottom that has been cut out in prep for patch panels (or a front air dam will cover it). There were three small holes in the floor pan and two have been patched.The trunk has a few small holes that can be tack welded up. Only one small hole roughly the size of a quarter in the right strut tower that is in no way compromising the structural integrity. Otherwise the rear wheel arches need to be patched or turbo flares will take care of it. The car does need new fenders. All the rust spots have been neutralized and will not spread. The frame is rust free and perfect. Also including around 1/3 gallon of Sherwin Williams epoxy primer with hardener and reducer.

The Subframes have been stripped and repainted with fresh chassis paint. New tie rods. New CV joint repair kits. e21 brake master cylinder for big brake kit upgrade.

The engine was running roughly before the tear down. It is currently completely torn down. The plan was to bore it up and do a turbo build. The block and head are in excellent condition. I also bought a boost brothers style turbo manifold. I also have a 318i intake manifold for EFI conversion. All the engine parts are still on hand besides the piston rings and rubber mounts.

The original 4 speed shifts well but has a crack in the back housing cap that causes a messy leak. I purchased a getrag 245 5 speed to do a swap with that shifts flawlessly.

I have 3 differentials. I have an e30 3.91 LSD that is currently disassembled to have the clutches replaced and use the pumpkin. I have an e21 3.64 LSD that I was going to use the case from. After purchasing the two diffs and tearing down the car it turns out the car already had a LSD in it with larger flanges to work with a 10mm E21 CV Joints. E21 cv joints included. Essentially the project comes with two LSD making it an awesome track or high HP build.

The car still has all parts excluding, front seats, old wheels, old steering wheel, old carpet, old dried out seals and old hard brake lines.

I am taking offers but with the amount of labor, money and searching for parts already invested in this project makes my asking price a steal. Let me know if you have any questions. The car is located in Jacksonville, FL.

Dillan - callmedillster@gmail.com

Year: 1973

Make: BMW

Model: 2002

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