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Neil, Mike ,tom, Rey, Stephan Et Al Tisa

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post-39399-0-60218700-1375118411_thumb.jpost-39399-0-60218700-1375118411_thumb.jpost-39399-0-39711400-1375118489_thumb.jpost-39399-0-52564800-1375118522_thumb.jpost-39399-0-03157500-1375118589_thumb.jGuys-thanks so much for the encouragement and help. Many especial megathanks to Neil, Uncle Barry and Steve McMillen- their shared passion for old BMWs has been a synergistic force in the gradual improvement of this car, Steve did all the metal work beautifully, the old Talbot came off a 503 Barry parted out and Neils help with parts and encouragement is beyond kindness, more a "folie a deux" of TiSa insanity from a German psychiatric point of view.

Before I forget the questions:

Bristol grey done at West Lawn Auto Body in Reading PA.

Campagnolo Elektrons in magnesium, shockingly light.  Stephan the 4x100 bolt pattern was shared by some opels and other european cars, cast your net widely. Could we please see a few pictures of you TiSa from the fatherland?

Mike- your car is beautiful, everytime I see it I am reminded that entropy does not have to mean the chaotic rusty death of anon galvinized classic. I did more undercoating and the waxoyl (doors etc) treatment before staring on the fun bits.  I will do all door seals today (thanks Neil- I never knew the old girl would ever have wind wing rubbers again)! I am revelling in the Zen like pleasure working with my hands, and preserving an old friend that is a big part of my psychic makeup/ and history ( It was my ubercool Dad's last sports car in 1987 when he encountered pancreatic cancer).

I  am putting al neccessary bits on to race at the August 17/18 Duryea Hillclimb, the TiSa was the poster car there a few years ago.

Tom -glad to hear you and Pat Dewitt's Tisa will be keeping concours company with NK guy.

NK guy-you have inspired me. I believe your car is the most pristine TiSa I have encountered since 1965, when I 4 yo old and rode several times in a new car owned by Richard Boyer, who was a good friend of Dad's from the  Pennsylvania Hill Climb circuit. I have included a photo of my tach, which I had not previously cleaned  in 25 years. Now will have to get a ESTY carpet set, the ones Dad and made in 1987 are a bit rough.

Rey- I totally admire and, to be honest, envy your cars. Please don't stop. There is no thing such as too much fun!   All my best, keep strong. Peter

P.S. Nick Vyse, please keep sending occasional pics from France- I live vicariously on thoughts of driving vintage machinery in your neck of the woods.




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Great to see that you're already almost done assembling the car. I wish I had the time and money to work on my and Dad's cars. His Tii has been in fresh paint for almost 10 years, but not assembled.


You mentioned getting a ride in a hillclimb TiSA in PA when new... The deWitt's car came out of PA and Pat has no history on it. She thinks it was raced, but doesn't know anyone connected to the scene in PA enough to help her. If you think you can help, please contact me.



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