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Nos Front Bumper W/ Guards

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I got this from a fellow I work with at BMW. Was going to put it on a build, but it is just too damn nice. I believe it to be NOS as he got it from a co-worker at the dealership we work at "several years ago". Not sure when they started to reproduce these things, but it does have some "makers stamps" on the back which I have taken pics of. Anyways, the bumper has never been mounted, new rubber, and cover nuts. All parts in the pics are included. You will still need a few nuts and bolts to finish putting it together and the bumperettes on. NO DENTS!

All reasonable offers accepted as I can't find anything to compare them to except the reproductions you see on eBay that sell for $1200 for the set.

I also have a few sets of mounting brackets (71, 72, and 73). Inquire about those if ya need em.

Please contact me direct at bmw-e10 (at) hotmail (dot) com


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