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Hey Guys,


So yesterday I went to wind my window up after football,

and I heard a ' slip ' inside the door and now I can't wind my

drivers side window up (fantastic).


I have managed to get all the door trip off no problem, but

i'm not sure what the next step is.


The handle just spins freely clockwise, then counter-clockwise

it locks and won't go anywhere.


Any help would be appreciated and hopefully noone steals

my car from my driveway  ;)


I have attatched two images; one of the door in it's current state,

the other what I found in the bottom of the door floating around??






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Your window lift mechanism failed, probably the pin that goes in the middle of the spring in your lower picture.  If that spring isn't broken (and from the picture it might be) and you want to try repairing the lift, drop me an e-mail; I did a column on repairing the window lift mechanism so that pot metal piece that failed won't fail again. 


BTW, that curved piece of metal on the far right of your second picture is part of the door check strap.  If your door won't stay open, that's why--and you might as well replace it while you have the upholstery off the door. And that chunk on the left is part of the insulation stuck on the inside of the door so that it has a nice bank vault sound when you close it. 




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Hi there , if you are the obsessed type there are many lil repairs that you can do to make that door the best that it can be .... Grommets on the lock

Replacing the door card with upgeaded wood cards , new plastic to ensure that water will not get in, new rubber at the base of the window ,

All these lil items are available and are reasonably priced on the net . If you love this car and live your door then you can do it once ... And never open the door up again . At least for a while. Then you will be a pro for the next door .

Do the research get the knowledge . It's worth it

And don't slam the door when your done !

Xx Dez

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Thanks Mike, i'll message you.


Is there a way to get the window up as a short term fix

so I can drive/park it?


If you take out the lifting system (3 bolts around the handle) you should be able to lift the glass by hand. Then if you wedge something in the door, like board cut to suitable length or whatever, you should be able to make it stay up.



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I don't remember how, but I did this repair at some point. Since I was able to figure it out on my own, it cannot have been too difficult :-)


However, I had a Saturn once (those plastic cars). Same failure mode. I swear that the assembly of those darned things starts by hanging four window lift mechanisms from the ceiling and then build the rest of the car around them. I ended up replacing the door.

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  • 1 year later...

I haven't had mine apart in 32 years, but as I recall the lifter assembly has a couple of pot metal rivets around which the lifter arms rotate (that make any sense ??).  Items 13 & 14 in the above diagram seem to point at the rivets.  I removed the whole window crank assembly and replaced those pot metal rivets with pieces of a steel bolt.  Haven't had any problem since.





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Thanks Carl.  My window lifter is really good shape.  Maybe itls been replaced already.  What I'm wondering is how those two pieces attach together (3) and (5).  There was nothing connecting the two.  I'm going to do what any logical person would do and pull the other door panel and take a look.



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I don't know whether this will help, but I just replaced part #3 on my driver door because mine rusted through.  I saw it coming.  It got to where I had to pull up with one hand and crank with the other, then one day I heard a clunk, as the wheel assembly fell to the bottom of the door.  Luckily I had found a used part from a FAQ member and the swap was relatively straight forward.  


The little 'wheel' on the lifter arm passes through the hole at the end of the slot on the tab at the bottom of the channel that holds the glass.  The drawing above is a little hard to read.  I believe there is a line showing that the wheel at the bottom of the arm goes over to the tab.  


It is hard to know what you are missing.  Did it work and then suddenly stop?  If your door is opened up it would be helpful if you could snap some photos to share.  


I have spent a lot of time in my doors and have more work to do to them... including replacing the rivets mentioned above.


Edit:  there are little rubber grommets at the joints where the little rods that open and lock the door connect.  These are still available, but a little spendy, considering how small they are.  I believe people have found alternatives.  There are three required for each door.  I replaced mine and the doors no longer rattle.  Funny what a huge difference that makes.  One of the originals in my car could have been spun in its hole and worked again... for a while.  You might peek and see if yours are still there and what condition they are in.

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Thanks 76Mint.  I figured it out.  My regulator arm was missing the wahers, spring and clip.  I didn't realize they went through the slot.  My guide rail is also rusted through.   Hopefully someone has one that i can get.  While i was at it took the other door apart to see what it looked like.  The pass window doesn;t go up all the way on that window.  In another post someone said that the regulator was going bad and that the replaced it with a steal bolt.  I think Mike referenced the repair above.  Has anyone done it and what was the outcome?

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