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1973 2002 Project Car

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After letting this car sit in my driveway for the last 9 years (and doing nothing with it) I've finally decided to give up my dream of restoring this 1973 2002. I bought it on ebay from a body shop that was commissioned to repaint it. While it was in the shop, the owner unfortunately passed away and his widow didn't have the money to pay for the paint work. She gave it to the body shop to sell to recoup their $$$.

As I said it has basically sat in my driveway for the entire time I've owned it and I feel bad that all that bodywork is going to waste. Because it sat for so long, it is now a project car for someone that has the ability to restore it. The car does NOT run nor does it stop as I had to pull the brakes discs/shoes so you can get it on a trailer/tow truck. It will have to be towed/trailered to its next destination, I will do everything "reasonable" to assist in getting it loaded up.

The car was originally Malaga and was re-painted Inka but it didn't help that the car sat outside. Some of the problem areas have re-surfaced e-mail me for pictures

Please note there are two albums and it defaults to the second one, if you look along the left side of the webpage you will see a link to another album which has pictures of the car.

These pictures were taken last summer right after I washed it up, since then it has sat out for another winter and is now dirty. I will attempt to wash it but may not get to it.

NO sunroof.

I am including extra parts so you have a head start on some of the parts needed to make it road ready. They include.

New Front Discs

New Brake Pads

New Rear Drums

New Rear Brake Shoes

Used front calipers

Used Weber 2 barrel Carb

New Solex Rebuild Kit for the Original Carb

Used Alternator from a 320i

Used Trunk Gasket

Used Front Bumper Pieces

All these parts will be included in the sale of the car. I am not looking to split up the parts unless the offer is "too good" . . . if I do agree to sell you parts I will not ship them under any circumstances. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just don't want to turn the sale of this into a full time job. There is a set of gold honeycomb alloy wheels that are NOT included, although I will consider including for the right price (a friend of a friend says they will fit on his car and wants to buy them. Feel free to make an offer.

Typical Disclaimers Apply:

I am selling the car as is, and will entertain reasonable offers . . . as it sickens me (as a former owner of 3 of these cars) to see it sitting there and getting worse. Make me an offer before I am forced to put it on ebay with no reserve.

I've described the car and its current state to the best of my ability. The car is being sold AS-IS, with no warranty or guarantee implied nor provided. It is sitting in the Western Burbs across from the Morton Arboretum so it's very close to where I-355 and I-88 intersect. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will try and answer everything to the best of my knowledge. Keep in mind though; I do not consider myself an expert in car repair.

If you are serious about purchasing the car, please reply through CL with your name and contact information (phone and e-mail) and I will follow up with you and email a link to a large photo album. All I ask is that you don't waste my time (or yours). Please check out the pictures and come out and take a look at it before you start making me offers.

Keep in mind this car will be going one way or another and I'm not looking to break the bank.

I have a clear title in hand and the first reasonable offer with CASH in hand will own it.

Year: 1973

Make: BMW

Model: 2002

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