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I've Been Away For A Few Years And..........


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I seem to have gotten side-tracked for the past three years.  I confess to being a bit pre-occupied with my MG projects, although my 02 has still been getting it's normal care & exercise.


In fact, this year, I've driven my 02 a LOT more than either my MGs or my 356B and including a 1500 mile round-trip to Vermont (from Pittsburgh).  I still don't have to think twice before jumping in and going, which I'm sure can't be said by the majority of owners of original, un-restored, 41 year old cars.  The outbound trip was what I call a "forced march": all Interstate/Super Slab/Lemming Lanes and mostly holding around 4,000 rpm.  The return was much more pleasant, with a nice mix of lightly travelled highways and back roads.  Took an hour longer to do, but I found it was far less tiring than the Lemming Lanes.  The Bimmer doesn't seem to care, either way.  It just goes where it's pointed and always seems to want to go faster. :)


I also used the Bimmer for much of the route recon and exploration for this year's Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Countryside Tour, putting probably another 600 miles on the car in the space of a few days.  Knowing that I would be leading a group of very quick cars (couple of Porsches and an Aston-Martin), and that it was going to be a hot, humid day, I also drove the Bimmer in place of the MG I had planned to drive.  On those very narrow, tight, twisting & plunging mountain roads, the old Bimmer was totally at home and covered the route effortlessly, while giving the drivers of the Porsche (the second Porsche never showed) and the Aston-Martin a bit of a work-out, which they very much enjoyed.


Anyway, I hope everyone I remember from spending a lot of time on this forum in '09 and '10 is still enjoying their 02s as much as I'm enjoying mine and that forum membership has continued to grow with new 02 owners.

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