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Rotas On My Stock 71?


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Hey guys,

First, where can these be acquired? I'd consider true alpinas as well.

I love the more aggressive look of the rota r20/ alpina replica on the roundie 02s. If I keep the rest as stock and swap out my wheels, what kind of stance will I have? I've been searching through the 'stance thread' - but, 30 pages is getting a beat down on my poor connection. Here's my current setup. Billsteins all around. Cheers~



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Beware! Is this the same ad?... W some details left out of the eBay post?


It's not the same ad. The selling price reflects a discount based on the fact the the wheels on the ad you posted have minor imperfections. YOU should read the ad before questioning. Might help to clear up some of your questions.

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How is it not the same ad? The words are the same ... With mention of the imperfections left out of the eBay ad. The price is the same. So... Explain?



Note- the price appears different than when I originally posted... Yet the dictum remains unchanged.

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Oh forget it. I'm exhausted and now I'm just confused.

The ad that has the wheels at $600 mentions the imperfections. The new set is listed at $699. Same wheels, same seller but, they are upfront with the imperfections and the price reflects it.

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