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Need Advice - Finding A New Home For 02 Parts


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New to the forum.  Hope this is an appropriate place for my post.


Have a rather substantial collection of parts taking up room in the garage.  Not being knowledgeable in 02s, can someone tell me if there is a reasonable market for these parts?  If so how should I go about this, as Ebay seems to be quite light on 02 parts and I'm not sure its a good use of time to go about this bit by bit.  Also any idea on values of the more significant items would be helpful.  Complete drive train - Motor (turns over), tranny, differential, axel, 6 cast wheels, complete blue interior set, excellent dash pad, two nice doors in silver with all bright work (no rust I can see) , weber carb, solex carb, more.


For the record, I'm not certain these are from a 1972, but I do know the donor was not a roundie. Should I push these into the corner and wait from a stronger market?  Really don't have a bead on the direction of the 02 market, parts or cars.  Any advice is appreciated.








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As you can see, there is a market, but you are going to have to put some effort into it. Ebay is good and may get you more money, but will require more work on your part to make sure you are representing things correctly. The FAQ is a great place to sell as well. We have a marketplace here, and you can search other posts to get an idea of the going rate of parts. 

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FYI those six factory alloy wheels pictured are correct for 71-73 roundies and are quite desirable.  You'll have no trouble selling them, or the roundie wheel covers, as they appear to be in excellent condition.  The doors wil fit any 2002/1600. 


List 'em on the FAQ first, as 100% of the audience is interested in 2002s, a much higher percentange than e-bay readers.  What you don't sell here, put on e-bay.




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The (un-rusty?) doors (be prepared to ship), early alloy wheels (still available new for well under 200$ a wheel.. and really only of significant value to a guy who wants proper date coded equipment), any (un-cracked) dash, and uncut door cards, (clean?) chrome bumper, and maybe a no-smog exhaust manifold are the best looking bits there. 

Some of the other bits are more common 5-25$ parts.  Engines are a tough sell for any real $ because of the unknowns (I have 3).  4 Speed Transmissions too (I have 4). Tons of work to swap into the car for unpredictable results..  

Diffs don't usually break, and are only really messed with if its an upgrade.


I would maybe consider taking an "all or nothing" number on the batch and sell it all together.  This way you get proper $ for the good stuff, and don't get stuck with the nickel and dime stuff, and a trash can full of the worst of it.

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There are some parts I would be interested in


1. Exhaust header

2. Windshield Wiper Fluid reservoir/pump (previous owner removed)

3. Door seals (if those are door seals)

4. Belt line trim


Let me know.  I can paypal and give you my UPS or Fedex number.



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Thanks for all the responses.  I'm in Northern Florida.  Drive train was operational when removed from the car about 10 years ago. Dash is clean, uncracked, it may be an original as its been in storage some a long time.  Some of the OEM bright work is still in the BMW wrapper. Forgot to mention the front and rear bumpers all three pieces for each and all in excellent condition.

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