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Driver Side Frame Rail Rusting - 1972 2002


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Maybe someone can help me to identify a part number. A friend looked at my car and said the driver's side (left side) frame rail is starting to rust, most likely from brake fluid that had leaked there. It's no longer leaking, but the damage has been done. He said it's not horrible yet, but it should eventually be replaced. So I figure I'll order one now and have it ready for whenever I decide get it done.


Does anyone know the correct part number?  I'm looking at pages 41/6 and 41/7 of the Parts Manual (pdf files attached) but I'm not sure what the correct part number is (Is it just me, or do others have trouble trying to decipher the listings?).


For reference, my car is a 1972 2002, build date 7/26/1972, Modell 71, VIN# 2584644. 


It looks like it's either part number 41 11 1 840 967 or 41 11 1 821 801 (from page 41/6), or it could be part number 41 11 1 835 703 (from page 41/7).  I want to be sure that I don't order the wrong one.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Parts Manual Page 41-6.pdf

Parts Manual Page 41-7.pdf

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