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Specs On Koepchen Car Build

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Some of you asked, so here are the significant specs for the car:


   Engine built by Terry Tinney

     324 Schrick cam

     dual 45 DCOE Webers

     11.5:1 compression

     210 HP @ 7200; 168 #/ft @ 4800



     full Ground Effects front suspension with Koni shocks

     stock rear suspension with Bilstein shocks and Ground Effects coils

     Front brakes- 5 series calipers and vented rotors

     Rear brakes- stock drums and shoes (race linings)

     BBS wheels (13X7); Toyo R-888 tires

     full cage built by Racecraft

     stock fuel tank with custom bladder and Grp. 2 filler

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i assume you mean Ground CONTROL, not Ground EFFECTs on the suspension bits... ;)


do you have the standard Ground Control front setup with S/A Koni's or the D/A Koni version with non-stock swaybar links?


using the Ground Control ride height adjusters in rear?


what sway bars?


what spring rates front and rear?

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