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Single Carb Manifold And Heater Hose Routing, Pics Wanted


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i'm a little confused about the coolant circulation in my engine bay.


this is my current set up






the heater hose looks to be a new one. it was a huge length and i'm not sure where it was supposed to go, but it's connected to the rear-most connection on the intake manifold and it didn't have cooling issues like that. (i bought an unfinished project and it's my first 02)


what has me stumped is the size of the inlet/outlet(?) on the intake manifold that the heater hose labeled is connected to... it's a bigger size than the heater hose so i macguyvered a solution that works but looks like shit.


there's an extra foot of heater hose i'd like to get rid of but it's an awkward transition and spot.

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For P1K--you need to get the rubber grommets that surround the heater hoses as they pass through the firewall.  Without those grommets, the 02's soft engine mounts will cause those hoses to chafe and quickly fail, allowing your coolant to leak out in a hurry.  Not a Good Thing.  Grommets are cheap and easy to install (you can cut 'em if you don't want to disconnect the heater hoses).


As for Jace--it appears you have a two bbl manifold/2bbl carb on your car, and a most unusual brake booster setup (tii perhaps?)  What year is your car?  If it's an early 02 (pre '71) it would have smaller diameter heater hoses that wouldn't fit over the nipples on your engine, so someone may have jury rigged hoses that would work.  If your carb has a water choke, the hoses you've labeled as "choke" don't originate from anywhere near what the factory setup was.  And the hose labeled "heater" doesn't appear to follow the same route as the factory one either.  The inlet heater hose comes from the rear of the cylinder head (under the dizzy) and ends at the heater temp control valve on the passenger side.  The outlet heater hose runs from the heater core down through the firewall and into the back of the intake manifold, just above the starter motor. 



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