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My First 2002


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This is less of an introduction as some of you know I've been looking for a while for a solid car.  I picked up my car this past weekend from 2002 comrad, Emmodg.  Great guy with a fantastic '76 Malaga that I was more than happy to take off his hands. Will be looking for support over the years as questions arise but until then here are few pics after the voyage home and a bucket wash.  Such cool cars and so happy to have found this one.


Thanks again Emmodg for all the help in making this happen.




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Drive, drive, drive that car bro and enjoy!


I was cruising around 80 on the 241 this morning, passed a Fisker Karma who then proceeeded to cruise/draft me for the next 5 miles. As I exited the toll road, both drive and passenger looked over and gave the approving nod.......................only in an 02 classic


(BTW make sure to use two buckets when washing - one soap bucket one rinse bucket)

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oh yeah, def familiar with the 2 bucket wash.  I'm a fan of the set autogeek.com has with the grit guards at the bottom.


check it out.



And while you're there check this out.  Great as an additive to your soap bucket or make a quick detail spray from it:


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