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So I have my engine along with alternator, ECU and ignition...now I'm looking at getting a transmission (5 speed manual) to go with it.

I've read some blogs and apparently I can get the transmission and drive shaft from the same donor car (E36) and with Jakobs custom mounts it will fit nicely into the 2002

So do I just go down to a wreckers looking for a transmission and drive shaft?

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you will need and e30 intake since the e36 intake will not fit under the hood, also you'll and e30 318 driveshaft, Not sure if there is any difference in the tranny, I just got my car back with the m42 swap and all the parts that we used were from an e30 donor.

So I will need an e30 tail shaft? An e36 wouldn't work?

The e36 transmission sits very high in the tunnel. The ratios are great (1:1 5th) but I don't think it clears without someserious tunnel heightening. t

I read a blog where he used an E36 without any mods?...at least without any he noted haha

If you had to recommend a set up in regards to where I should source parts from what would it be?

I was just going to go for e36 everything because it thought itd

be simpler

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I have not tried to put an E36 transmission into a 2002.  

I own an M42 E36, and the transmission is very 'tall' in the tunnel.  It's a chunky little sucker.

I looked critically, because I like it, and it would be very nice in a 2002.

Especially behind an M42, an engine that I also like very much.


But it didn't SEEM like it'd fit.  


Around here, I'd say go to the pick-n-pull with your tape measure and see what you find.

That's what I do....


But then, I don't have a blog...



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I did my swap with an E30 transmission.  I had to remove the stock trans mounts because it barely squeaked in there without hitting the sides and top. I am not familiar with the E36 trans, but it it is any larger you will likely need to do some sheet metal modifications to make it work.  An E30 fuel pump (located in the tank under the passenger side back seat) makes the fuel system mods easy.  I suggest a teflon coated fuel line to get the fuel to the engine and back.  Parker Hydraulics (aka Comoso) will make custom lines for a reasonable price and has all the fittings to make it work. 

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