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I installed a set of Hella's this weekend. While taking pictures of the new lights I noticed something that I've not noticed before, the car appears to sit lower on the passenger side than the driver side. Here are a couple of photos. Does it seem that way to you? What should I look for? spring, shocks, or something else. I've owned the car about a year and dont have a lot of history on the car. I do believe there are Bilstein shocks all around but not sure about the springs. Thanks




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time to remove all 4 springs and measure/compare

un-loaded heights

PO may have CUT and botched it?

before removing - look in front for one side missing

the aluminum spacer at the top of the strut(can be inside the

inner fender) - stranger shadetree hack jobs have been noted here

before removing the rear springs look at the

rubber pad at the top of the spring (look for 1, 2, or 3 DOTs

for I.D. )1 DOT = thin pad .... 3 DOT = thick pad

you can see this without jacking up

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