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Drive Without The Gauge Cluster?


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My intuition would think this is okay to do in an 02, but I wanted to make sure. My odometer quit today, so I'd like to take the cluster out and send it to be refurbished (speedo has always been off). A quick confirmation and I'll mark this thread answered. 


Then I gotta figure out why I'm getting 11 mpg!




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Need the alternator light as part of the charging circuit

Now I remember, that's it. Anyone local to you with a loaner? If you want to pay shipping there and back, I have one you could borrow.

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Can't answer the question, but:

remove cluster, remove speedo, reinstall cluster while speedo is getting repaired and you'll be fine.


+1  speedo not needed, but left hand gauge with alt light is.  i would also never drive a car without the temp gauge or oil pressure light active....


if running without speedo, be careful where the speedo cable end is.  do not want drive that spins to catch on something.

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Somewhere on the FAQ (maybe by Mike Self?), there is a procedure on how to fix the odometer yourself.  It's usually due to a gear spinning freely on a shaft, when it shouldn't.  You just need to make that gear stick better.  Resetting the trip meter probably jostled things around a bit to make it stick temporarily, but it'll probably let go.


I'm in the same boat, and will pull my gauge cluster to take care of it sometime soon.

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