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Transmission Rear Oil Seal Drama


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Spent ±6 hours to replace the real oil seal of my tranny, because it was leaking, and it it now leaking as much if not more than before.  Help.


Tranny is used and installed two years ago.  It  is from 1972, according to casting number.


Yes I should have replaced the seal before installing it but it looked so dry....


Replaced seal with same as was in there: 40x55x8, knowing that an other one, 38x55x10 is available for early tranmissions.


What could be wrong?






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The output shaft seal should be recessed about 2-3mm per the Blue book.  It might rub against the output shaft yoke if installed flush with the bolt-on end cap.


Try to wiggle the (2) terminals of the reverse light switch. If they are loose, then that is a sign of possible leakage from the switch.


How old is your shift shaft seal?

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