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i owe it to J.C. to inform others that i received notice that a package is waiting for me at the Post Office.  i haven't had time to pick it up, but i feel it necessary to post an update on J.C.'s behalf.


i hope that the other issue posted below can be resolved in a timely manner.



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it appears that i was scammed by J.C. Reznikoff, who goes by the name of bmw-roundie.


i stupidly fell for the "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" and sent him cash.  he has suddenly fallen off the face of the earth. 


he was endorsed on the For Sale Forum by another: mojamaa who has also remained silent when trying to contact him about reznikoff.


a search on google revealed that he has done this before.  he's an avid bicycle collector (as i knew from original email inquiries) and has pulled this off before.  he got me. 



EDIT: 8/20/13

I received a scanned image of the Tracking number receipt from the Post Office this morning from J.C., so I am hopeful that this was all a misunderstanding.  When I receive the item I will delete this post.


I am also having an issue with bmw-roundie (J.C. Reznikoff).


I bought some small parts from him in the spring, and later I also purchased some doors from him (which he kindly shipped from CA to KY).  His communication was excellent, and he shipped promptly, so when I needed a steering box in June, I contacted him.  He indicated that he could get me a good steering box from his friend, and I sent J.C. the money (he asked me to pay using the "gift" option in PayPal so that the fees would be paid at my end, which I did - big mistake on my part, because I did not know you could not dispute a payment sent as a gift).


I paid on June 19 ($85+ fees).  The steering box was sent from his friend, and arrived about two weeks later.  I noticed that it felt a bit gritty when turning, so I opened it up, and there was quite a bit of water inside.  The gear faces were moderately pitted, and the bearing races and ball bearings were moderately/significantly pitted with rust.  I took pictures and sent them to J.C.  He said that if I was uncomfortable with the box, I should ship it back to his friend.  I shipped the box back on July 10, which cost around $15.


At that point, J.C. indicated that he had some other leads, and that he would get back to me that weekend (7/14).  I did not hear from him again until July 22, after I had sent several emails asking for a status update.  He indicated that he had been out of town, and he was quite annoyed that I was spamming him, and that I would even mention resolving things through PayPal (four emails in the twelve days since he had last responded - the last email being sent to the three email addresses I had for him, where I said I would prefer NOT to resolve it through PayPal).


After that, I sent two more emails asking how he would like to proceed (refund or source a different box), but I did not hear from him again until 7/31, when I sent him a PM through this forum requesting a refund.  At that point he indicated that he has been very busy, and that he would definitely refund my money as soon as he could (he said he would prefer to wait until he sold some things, rather than transfer money to his PayPal account). 


I sent a followup PM on Aug. 9, an email on Aug. 15, and another email on Aug. 20, but he has not responded.  J.C. knows about Jerry's post, and he has communicated with him recently, so he is checking email and this forum. 



My experiences with bmw-roundie in the spring were excellent.  This situation is a mess.  He has responded to my communications once in the past month.  Three weeks is more than enough time to log into PayPal and send money, no matter how busy someone is.  It is hard to interpret this as anything but theft at this point, regardless of how the situation started.    

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