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Losing Brake Fluid- Light On


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So, had my car worked on, new brakes in the back, new fluid, etc, mechanic thinks the master cylinder may be leaking. I have driven it maybe 30 miles.. I think the brake fluid is going down- I plan on running to pep boys or something on the way home hear in an hour and drop some fluid in it. That said, should I consider replacing the master cylinder myself? I just bought some tools from sears. Still don't have a jack... So, I should maybe get one of those. But, is the work difficult (ie- should I take it back to the mechanic)? Or, can a newbie tack this (possibly arduous) task?


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Right now the way it sounds it looks like you might want to go ahead and go back to the mechanic and pay him to fix the problem...You do need the right tools and experience bench bleeding etc.. when it comes to safety. You can still do it though just takes a learning curve..


Added; Have the Reputable mechanic that understands BMW 2002`s diagnose all areas to make sure there are absence of leakages.


It is good to learn tho because you can then better afford ownership..


 These days Im guessing around 400.00 to 600.00 w/parts etc...1000.00 for all necessary hydraulic needs addressed. You might get lucky and find it is only 300.00.

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To help you know where the trouble is (or is not), feel along the bottom of the master cylinder near the booster.  There is a leak off hole and if the master cylinder is leaking, it will be wet there and possible dripping down onto the frame rail.  Try to not leave brake fluid on paint as it will eat away the paint.

The other places to leak are at each wheel and rarely but possibly the clutch slave cyliinder. But if the clutch system also the clutch master cylinder.  Look for fluid from the pedal housing on the ground when you park and/or pull up the carpet and the cover over the pedal box for a look..

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don't just add brake fluid. it is going somewhere...find out where.  could be where the work was done in back, could be soft line, could be brake bleeder, could be broken hard line, could be a clutch issue...could be a lot of things besides the master cyl.  find the leak, then decide how to fix.

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and from the right coast:


RES LEVEL IS DROPPING!" your next stop may

not be a STOP but a "! C R A s H!" - DEATH?!?!

the leaking seal may fail completly with no warning

your current warning is your losing fluid

that should be enough to use the bike, second car,

or public transit.

we want you to live so you can return and ask more questions.

Enough said for now. others here will walk you through

the Brakes 101 part replacement as needed.

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