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Time To Ask The 2K2 Guru's

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Hey guys,  life has had me too busy to be on the forum for about 8 months+.  One of the busy things is buying a house.  This morning I was going to drive my '74 to her new garage at the new house.


Well she threw a temper tantrum!!!!


She has been driven 1-2 times a month for the last 8+ months.  Maybe a few miles at a time, just enough to warm her up.




coil: unknown brand

weber 32/36

vacuum advance

fuel pressure regulator and guage





What I got this morning was:



warm up to outa "blue" zone (foot on throttle 1.4K rpm)

take foot off of gas, rpm drops to about 500, used to be about 900

so i get back on the throttle a bit

rpm's start to stumble

I increase to 2.5K, still stumble

almost stall, then high rpm jump, then almost stall again

turn off car


Pull off air filter, notice choke plates are locked open

removed top of carb, notice choke plate lever disconnected from linkage

reconnected linkage (I knew that wasnt the problem, but was hoping!!)



start her up, starts on first crank

runs at about 500k again

no stumble until she has been running for about 1-3 minutes

repeated symptoms a few times.... hoping to get lucky, we all know how these cars can be



Im thinking clogged air jet in carb???

Possible timing problem?




The main problem is that most of the tools/cleaners etc. are packed away, plus it started raining.  SO anything you guys can do to lessen my troubleshooting steps the better.  The new house is about 3 miles away, and I have a friend who has a trailer..... so worst come to worst I can drag her over next weekend.








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If cleaning the idle jets doesn't help, check your choke plates to see if they have now opened.  Presume you have either an electric or water choke on your Weber.  If it's electric, make sure the wire that supplies power to the choke is (1) connected and (2) has +12v with the ign on. 

And while you're poking around the choke, make sure your fast idle cam is functioning.  It's linked to the choke and will increase idle speed while the engine is cold, gradually working down to normal idle speed when the choke is completely off.


Happy tinkering



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