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Shallow Radio For Ac Console. Problem Solved!


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I recently purchased a Behr AC console on the forums and have been working on installing it the last week.


The biggest issue I have been facing is that the front face was poorly thought out by the PO and the hazard button and single din radio hole don’t leave any room behind to properly fit the hazard button or the radio.

For the hazard button I butchered a button and the harness and was able to cut it down to where it fit. The radio was a bigger problem.

The PO left me about 3 inches behind the single din cut out to fit a full radio. Obviously this is impossible.



My fancy JVC didn’t even go in half way.



So I decided to search around on the internet and find a shallow radio option. There were not a lot of options out there, but eventually I stumbled upon the XOVision Shallow Thin Mount Single Din FM SD USB iPod Ready Car Stereo on ebay. For $50 I had nothing to loose.


It arrived.



And it was a shorter than the JVC, but not short enough!



So  out of options, I decide to open the radio and see if there was a way to make it modify it.



Low and behold, there was tons of room to cut the case down and modify it. So I took some measures, cut 1.75 inches out of the case and reassembled the radio.



And now 3 inches total in depth, it fits and works great. SD card full of music and FM radio as well.




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Here is the ebay link.




XO Vision XD1-103








I always find things cheaper after I buy them :(



and I just found the Bluetooth model but it has HORRIBLE reviews while the non Bluetooth model has good reviews.




I wish it had Bluetooth but I didn't see a Bluetooth version in my original research. Im just happy I don't have to do any weird glove box mounting :)

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Awesome!  I bet when you opened that up, you had a big smile.  Good job, man.  


I noticed too that you created a flat front face for your Behr install.  I am planning to do the same.  Since you did a custom job here, why didn't you position the stereo higher (say, in between the A/C control knobs)?


Also, by chance did you save your parts list(s) for your A/C install?  I'm starting to put together a post of all the A/C threads to help people chose the right parts for an A/C system (Behr).  If you don't mind sharing, can you post up or send me by private message?  




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Guess modern radios don't need to be so deep now that they don't have (1) tubes, (2) a cassette player or (3) a CD player.  You should see some of the old Blaupunkt or Beckers--half the size of a shoebox and some with a separate and equally large amplifier.  Nice sound though...




I had the same reaction, Mike. Open an old Becker head unit and you couldn't fit an M6x10 bolt in it!


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