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Need Advice From Fellow Seattlites


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Hey all, 

First off, I love the overwhelming community support on the forums. Thank y'all in advance.
My project is a 71' I am building "better then original. I am trying to take my time but love seeing progress. I have a couple very important things I need to get done ASAP. The engine is almost %100 rebuilt and is going to be a turbo setup. Car is sandblasted and should get to paint prep ASAP. 


On my agenda, my priorities for the next two months are as listed:


Get a pair of fenders. Preferably OEM metal. 

Find a good five speed


Source an Injection system (intake, injectors, fuel distributor) off of a 77-78 320i. Or 79-on but having to do additional head/piston work.


Find a metalworking shop to do my rocker panel, cutout and weld plate in spare tire well, and some smaller patches. 


Then--- and only then, can I have the car painted and engine mounted in before I leave for the year. 


My guy (Dan up in Bellevue @ 425 Motorsports) just finished the custom seat work, putting in Profi XL Recaros, and fitted me for my roll bar today. On a side note custom work is necessary for me because I am 6'7. He can do the metalwork but wants to find someone cheaper and more efficient for me considering he has only done two 2002's in the past. 


I need your guys' advice on where I can find these parts, and more importantly someone reputable I can go to for the metal work. I know there is a kit available through the forum for the whole 5 speed conversion, including the tranny.

Thanks and I look forward to the input! 








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There are at least 2 shops who I deal with regularly up there in regards to 2002 parts.  Both of whom I'd trust with my own car.


Patrick @ Midnight Motorsports.... Patrick's a one man show and is consistently doing 5-speed conversions, motorswaps, turbo setups and the like. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/128527-seattle-mechanic/


T-Zero Racing is the other company, they handle a lot of race-prep for 2002's and other M10 powered cars.


As for the transmission 5-speed setup. There are kits available from Ireland Engineering, Aadvark, 2002 Haus, and others.  Patrick typically sources bits from IE and some of his own.

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You should buy my '69 for the parts...

email me if you think I'm not insane (and I'll convince you otherwise)

RacerY att comcast dott net


never ran across t-zero- that's not Terry and Ron, though, is it?


Pick-n-Pull (Lynnwood, Arlington, Tacoma- http://www.picknpull.com/check_inventory.aspx?Address=98101&Lat=47.611072&Lng=-122.332569&Make=BMW&Model=325i&Distance=100


 for the injection- are you using it as a basis for a Megasquirt setup?

If it's going to stay stock, you're miles ahead with the E30 M10 EFI...


425 does good work.  Not the cheapest, but good.



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Don't leave your sand blasted car sitting round very long. It will rust in a hurry.

If you're going to "turbo" the engine, you'll need an ECU you can tune, like Megasquirt etc. Forget about anything that originally came on any BMW.

Edit ---- corrected spelling.

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Thanks all. I picked up a Pig Cheek set today so no need for fenders any more! All the guys I talked to have told me not to worry about the car sitting. It is stored indoors. They said the small amount of surface rust that will form will be DA'ed off when the body shop starts paint.... It worries me but I can't do much as it is.

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I had rear quarters done at Racecraft in Woodinville (see their website).  They have extensive 2002 experience--particularly with pig cheeks.  Their price was reasonable ($75/hour) and their metal guy (Ted Adkins) is superb.  Contact Terry Forland (2002 guy) or Jim Froula (Alfa) for info.

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