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Grassroots Motorsports = August Issue / Nk

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Hello fellow NK-ers,


Grassroots Motorsports / August issue has a five and a half page spread on my NK build.

It starts on page 54.

Hope ya get the chance to check it out.....it turned out pretty darn good.

Thanks to Zach Mayne and John Barlow for executing aspects of this coverage.


See ya, jim h.

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Here's the basics... Custom poly e30 subframe mounts with the holes offset to align with the NK pins, and I think an e28 rear diff cover. I don't k ow if the rear cover lined up with the stock NK diff mount or not, that's the detail that Jim needs to spill.

I also want to know how they intend to keep the subframe bushings from twisting in the subframe as the bushings age?

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