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Attending O-Fest Monterey?

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Anyone else here attending the Monterey Car Week and BMWCCA Octoberfest? I'll pop into the Legends what I can, but will mainly be at the Quail with the deWitt's 1800TiSA. Otherwise I'll be at Laguna for the races both Sat and Sunday, at the O-Fest opening banquet on Monday, at the Concours Tuesday with the above TiSA and my 518i on display, and the Saturday Drivers School with Cousin Matt's 74 Tii.

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My wife and I are flying in on Tuesday, spending a few days in SF, then driving down for Legends and then the Historics, spending the week at OFest, and back to Nashville afterwards, Gonna be a full week. Too bad it's too far to drive to, really wanted to drive the track, but the prospect of driving whatever rental car I might end up with, and hoping it would pass tech, was too much, so I relinquished my DE day. Is Pat one of the DeWitt's you reference? Met her at a CCA conference many years ago.




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We're planning to attend, driving from Dayton--not in my 2002!  If all goes according to plan, I'll drive a BMW NA press pool X1 and do a road trip story for the Roundel.  Plan to drive out via I-80 thru SLC, and back via I-70 thru Denver & KC, visiting some national parks on the way.  We just completed a 5000 mile trip to Vancouver BC in Carol's V6  RAV4 Sport, so it should be an interesting comparison driving cross country in an X1.   


If you have suggestions for intersting sights along the way, drop me an e-mail




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I am flying out Tuesday, then heading north to visit my brother near Ukiah.  If their time and my time permits, I may try to visit Tom and the gang at Casey's.  Thursday I head south, hope to visit a few old places along the way.  Friday I'm planning to be at the Legends, not sure if I want to go to the Festorics too, feel free to communicate with me regarding these events and/or the Quail.  I'm still looking for lodging Thursday, Friday, Saturday if anyone has any good leads in the area.


Sunday I am at Oktoberfest, staying at the Hilton the entire week, checking out Saturday.  I'm looking for a room mate for the week.....



[email protected]

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We visited my wife's Aunt Aggie in Carmel a few years ago. I was lucky enough to catch 'car week' leading into the Pebble Beach Concours. It was great. We were just a few blocks from all the action. Plus, when I needed a car, I borrowed her pristine E39.  I did all this on a budget, since we had a place to stay and only needed a rental car for a few days.  I got to meet some of the Calif./West Coast '02 owners, which was a pleasure. Don't miss Legends of the Autobahn or the classic auto races at Laguna Seca. 

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The Hack Mechanic Traveling Roadshow is gearing up for BMW CCA Oktoberfest next week. I'll be:
--Doing a book signing and chapter reading at the event on Monday at 4pm
--Speaking at the event dinner on Monday. 5 minute slot. I'm aiming for a laugh a minute. That's five laughs.
--Doing a book signing and chapter reading at the Capitola Book Store Tuesday at 7pm
--Signing books at the event all Wednesday evening


And, according to this, I'm a freaking marriage councilor. Who knew?




And if ONE MORE PERSON sends me that link on how BMW drivers (especially, apparently, those in blue cars) are the most aggressive, I'm going to stuff a guibo up his ass.

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