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Wiring Help Needed - New Photos

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There should be two little clips, the clips are no more that 1/2 wide thin metal which is bent, that contain that wire. One clip goes on the rear bolt/nut that holds the valve cover and the other clip on the one just forward of that.


There should be a little boot that goes over the connection. I have not found a good replacement for the original, but there are some still offered by BMW that will work (61131363318)

The original boot had "ears" on it.









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Stop cleaning. It is not worth it to get it too clean. Which end do you need help with? Your photo shows the one end of the wire connected to the thermotime switch and the other end goes into the timer that is on the firewall.


The wire you speak of, I think this is the wire, senses the temperature of the coolant, sends that information to the timer, the timer makes some sense of that temp, and tells the cold start valve (fifth injector) how long to squirt some fuel, on start-up. Cold coolant, 5-7 second squirt, hot coolant, 2-3 second squirt. I may be off on the time of squirt, but you get the idea.


That wire shares a harness with the wire that goes to the cold start valve. They separate so the cold start wire can run under the intake log and comes up between the #3 and #4 intake runners. That harness, pn 61 12 1 354 671, may still be available new from BMW.


This harness should have a plug on it that just plugs into the timer.

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Stop cleaning. It is not worth it to get it too clean. Which end do you need help with?

I am not afraid of a little elbow grease. What has me worried is unwrapped wires and especially connections that seem to be falling off easily. Had some issues with a loose distributor wire last year, and now this.

The end I need help with is the wire/connector in the first image (center of the image, unattached). The other images show other wires in the same harness branch that are properly connected. I admit to being a wiring newbie and still can not see where this connects to.

By timer, do you mean the warmup regulator?



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The unattached connector could be for the cold start solenoid on the throttle body.  


Connector is hidden under this rubber boot


Here is an old picture showing the cold start wire dangling from the valve cover hold-down clips.


Here is a partial picture of a new cold start wiring harness from BMW.


The large plug goes into the timer box located on the LH inner fender well.




Here is the boot that Bill refers to that is NLA for the thermo-time sensor.


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Jim, I have connections to the thermo time sensor and the throttle body, so they are ruled out. 

I think the line may be the middle wire from harness #13 (red line) below - or better yet, the third from the last wire on 13 (the last being the thermo time sensor with NLA boot). The 2nd to last wire appears to be the throttle body connection to my eyes.

p.s. thanks for all the effort so far

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Long (wrapped) lead goes to the cold start solenoid and I believe there is a ground terminal ring at the firewall pedal pivot.


Middle lead with plastic connector stays near the timer box with car's wiring harness.


Lower lead goes to underside of fuse box for power to the timer.


My old harness is in this picture.  Follow the leads from the large plug below the timer box.




New harness in place


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Maybe this is the time to look at a wiring schematic. Do you have one?


That will answer the riddle.

I do, with the downloaded PDF shop manual.  I tried to make sense of it before, but I guess I was hoping for the easy "it plugs in here" answer as the diagram still does not tell me where each plug is.  Still, If I can find out What it plugs into,  I am 100% ahead of the game to find out WHERE it plugs into. 


Will study it when I get home tonight. 


My mind does recall the rebuilder having issues with that harness, and having to cut it open before it runs to the throttle body cold start valve.  Possibility two is that my harness has been spliced, and an extra lead was added before they figured out the wiring.  I may unwrap it a bit looking for evidence of tampering should the diagram not bear fruit. 

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